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  • Why Join eXp Realty?

    The future of real estate brokerages is here

    The real estate industry can be a very difficult industry to work in; however, it can also be very rewarding to work in this industry should you follow certain guidelines and coaching. We at eXp Realty believe in planning for the future by creating not only a plan, but a revenue stream to support. 

    Are you tired of wandering what is next, when is the next deal, what should I do for retirement savings. All these questions and more can be answered through what eXp Realty offers:
    • competitive splits
    • unrivaled training
    • revenue share
    • stock options
    • latest technology
    • group community
    • and more!
    This is just a general outline and touch on the many benefits of eXp Realty. If you are interested in finding out more contact team lead, coach and mentor Carl Gentile at carl@carlgentile.com to have all your questions answered and your future redefined.
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