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  • 6 Smart Home Gadgets That Buyers Will Pay More For

    Wednesday, February 20, 2019   /   by Carl Gentile

    6 Smart Home Gadgets That Buyers Will Pay More For

    Homebuyers have always loved move-in ready homes. But now, as tech-savvy millennials enter the market, more buyers are adding smart home features to their turnkey checklist. S&P
    estimates that by 2020, more than 25% of all homes will be smart homes. And as high-tech habitats grow increasingly attractive to homebuyers, many will be willing to pay more for pre-installed smart tech. Appraisers are even beginning to place increased value on homes with smart features.

    But what smart home technology features are homebuyers willing to pay the most for? Typically, devices that provide greater safety, security, efficiency, or cost savings add more value than novelty gadgets.

    Keep reading for six smart home devices that homebuyers might be willing to pay more for.

    1. Smart Door Locks

    Smart door locks allow users to unlock doors from a phone, create special passcodes for guests, receive alerts when someone locks or unlocks a door, and lock doors automatically.

    Besides being convenient, these high-tech locks make homes safer since they do away with physical keys, which can get lost or stolen. Plus, potential buyers will notice smart door locks right when they walk into the home.

    2. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

    Smart smoke and carbon monoxide detectors increase home safety by sending alerts via phone when they detect smoke or carbon monoxide. The ability to test detectors or silence accidental alarms from a phone—not to mention being able to tell where smoke is coming from—makes these detectors a desirable gadget for any connected home.

    3. Video Doorbells

    Video doorbells allow homeowners to see who’s knocking, even when they’re not home. Many smart doorbells can also send phone alerts when the doorbell rings, record video, allow two-way audio, or play a prerecorded voice message to visitors. A smart doorbell, like a smart lock, is a device that buyers immediately see when they approach the front porch—a good boost for curb appeal.

    4. Smart Water Leak Detectors

    Smart leak detectors bring homeowners added peace of mind, especially when they’re away from home. These sensors can detect major (and sometimes even minor) flooding caused by icemakers, water heaters, or even inclement weather. Leak detectors get overlooked a lot, but they’re great for protecting a home, especially in flood-prone areas.

    5. Smart Lighting

    Smart lighting systems make life more convenient and cut down on energy costs. And, as a bonus, they can do a lot to help you stage the property: area lighting can make or break a room, so having spaces lit with the perfect warmth and color will help viewers see your home in the best light—literally.

    6. Smart Thermostats

    Smart thermostats save homeowners money by making it easier to control and monitor temperatures throughout the home. Many smart thermostats even have the capability to monitor temperatures in various rooms and give priority to certain rooms at specific times of day. They’re easy to add to any home, and they topped the list of smart tech that buyers would want preinstalled according to a 2018 Coldwell Banker survey.

    Getting Smart about Smart Home Tech

    At the end of the day, there are two main elements that should guide you in outfitting a home with smart tech: connectivity and compatibility. Before you invest in a full array of smart home gadgets, make sure your listing is in an internet-ready area and has the speed and infrastructure required to run a multitude of internet-connected devices. Once that’s settled, you can pick devices—just choose tech that’s compatible with a wide range of other products. You don’t want to get a whole Samsung SmartThings system set up, only to find out that your most promising buyers prefer Amazon.

    As you consider smart home tech for your on-the-market properties, think about features that will be appealing to future buyers, and opt for devices that are reliable and relatively future-proof. With the right combination, you just might see a significant boost on your final sale.

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